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All Statistics for Sheffield Tigers , National Two North

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    Sheffield Tigers

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    National Two North Sheffield Tigers Oldest point scorer

    Players Club Nationality DOB SD A(D)

    Gregor Hayter

    Sheffield TigersScotland13-Aug-197610-Nov-201236(98)

    Ben Buxton

    Sheffield TigersEngland09-Nov-197908-Mar-201434(128)

    Mark Chivers

    Sheffield TigersEngland09-Mar-198217-Nov-201230(261)

    Alan Symcox

    Sheffield TigersEngland16-Apr-198916-Feb-201929(313)

    Jon Buchanan

    Sheffield TigersOther09-Sep-198401-Mar-201429(180)

    Michael Dias

    Sheffield TigersPortugal05-Nov-198714-Dec-201326(46)

    Ed Styles

    Sheffield TigersEngland07-Dec-198906-Oct-201222(309)

    Angus Bowyer

    Sheffield TigersEngland15-May-199417-Dec-201622(222)

    Laurence Pearce

    Sheffield TigersEngland03-Dec-199005-Jan-201322(39)

    Michael Doneghan

    Sheffield TigersScotland06-May-199105-Jan-201321(250)

    Louis Spencer

    Sheffield TigersEngland27-Nov-199212-Apr-201421(141)

    Max Argyle

    Sheffield TigersEngland01-Jan-199204-May-201321(129)

    Ali Thomson

    Sheffield TigersEngland19-Aug-199017-Dec-201121(125)

    SD = Scored date ,

    DOB = Date of birth ,

    A(D) = Age(days) .

    19 years of data.