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Club Statistics for EDF National Trophy 08/09

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EDF National Trophy 08/09 Referee sin bins

Referee MR FH(AM) SH(AM) H A Yellow Card Red and Yellow Card Red Card Yellow Card/Match Cards/Match
Philip Davis21(30)5(68)336--33
Michael Tutty22(26)4(54)246--33
Richard Parker-Sedgmore (Eng)11(31)2(55)213--33
Revis Phillips12(16)1(67)213--33
Guy Steel Bodger12(19)1(58)213--33
Mark Liddell2-(-)4(51)134--22
Mike Read1-(-)2(74)112--22
Mark Varnon11(39)1(63)112--22
Matthew Daubney1-(-)2(65)112--22
Sean Davey12(22)-(-)112--22
JP Doyle11(34)1(74)2-2--22
Darren Gamage11(36)1(70)112--22
Richard Kelly22(14)1(73)213--1.51.5
Mark Wilson (Eng)21(34)2(66)213--1.51.5
Andrew Vertigan31(21)3(65)224--1.331.33
Paul Kimber31(20)3(64)224--1.331.33
Llyr Apgeraint-Roberts21(20)1(41)2-2--11
Ross Campbell21(29)1(56)-221-11.5
Luke Pearce21(38)1(79)112--11
Gareth Lloyd-Jones11(34)-(-)-11--11
Brendan Fitzmaurice (Eng)11(24)-(-)1-1--11
Lee Towers1-(-)1(42)-11--11
Chris Sharp (Eng)1-(-)1(48)-11--11
David Rose (Eng)1-(-)1(78)1-1--11
Nick Williams (Eng)11(40)-(-)-11--11
Adrian Hartwell31(39)1(58)112--0.670.67
Andrew Bickle32(18)-(-)-22--0.670.67
Ed Turnill32(29)-(-)112--0.670.67
G O'Hara21(5)-(-)-11--0.50.5
P,W Davies2-(-)1(44)-113-0.52
Steve Lee31(36)-(-)1-11-0.330.67

MR = Matches Refereed,

FH(AM) = Players sin binned in the first half with average minute,

SH(AM) = Players sin binned in the second half with average minute,

H = Home,

A = Away.