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Club Statistics for British and Irish Cup 16/17

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British and Irish Cup 16/17 Most penalties in a match (Player)

Penalties Players Club VS Club Date
4George Cullen

George Cullen

London ScottishJersey16-12-2016Match details
3Sam Katz

Sam Katz

JerseyLondon Scottish16-12-2016Match details
3Douglas Flockhart

Douglas Flockhart

Doncaster KnightsMunster13-01-2017Match details
3Douglas Flockhart

Douglas Flockhart

Doncaster KnightsRotherham Titans21-01-2017Match details
3Billy McBryde

Billy McBryde

ScarletsNottingham21-01-2017Match details
3Rory Clegg

Rory Clegg

Ealing TrailfindersMunster31-03-2017Match details
2Laurence May

Laurence May

Cornish PiratesConnacht15-10-2016Match details
2Sam Katz

Sam Katz

JerseyUlster21-01-2017Match details
2Lawrence Rayner

Lawrence Rayner

NottinghamScarlets21-01-2017Match details
2Callum Sheedy

Callum Sheedy

JerseyLondon Irish02-04-2017Match details
1Mitch Lam

Mitch Lam

ConnachtCornish Pirates15-10-2016Match details
1William Magie

William Magie

Ealing TrailfindersLeeds Tykes15-10-2016Match details
1Ben Jones

Ben Jones

Cardiff BluesJersey14-01-2017Match details
1Sam Katz

Sam Katz

JerseyCardiff Blues14-01-2017Match details
1Te Aihe Toma

Te Aihe Toma

MunsterDoncaster Knights13-01-2017Match details
1Laurence May

Laurence May

Cornish PiratesConnacht21-01-2017Match details
1Greig Tonks

Greig Tonks

London IrishOspreys21-01-2017Match details
1Cathal Marsh

Cathal Marsh

LeinsterNottingham13-01-2017Match details
1Billy McBryde

Billy McBryde

ScarletsRichmond14-01-2017Match details
1Robert Kirby

Robert Kirby

RichmondScarlets14-01-2017Match details
1Warren Seals

Warren Seals

Leeds TykesBedford Blues14-01-2017Match details
1Arwel Robson

Arwel Robson

Gwent DragonsBedford Blues21-01-2017Match details
1Rory Jennings

Rory Jennings

Ealing TrailfindersLeeds Tykes21-01-2017Match details
1Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston

MunsterEaling Trailfinders31-03-2017Match details
1David Johnston

David Johnston

MunsterEaling Trailfinders31-03-2017Match details
1Theo Brophy-Clews

Theo Brophy-Clews

London IrishJersey02-04-2017Match details