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All Time Club Statistics for British & Irish Cup

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British & Irish Cup Most penalties in a season (player)

Penalties Players Club Competition
21James Pritchard

James Pritchard

Bedford BluesBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
19Noel Reid

Noel Reid

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
18Cathal Marsh

Cathal Marsh

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
14Rory Scannell

Rory Scannell

MunsterBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
14Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis

NottinghamBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
14Frazier Climo

Frazier Climo

AyrBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
14Declan Cusack

Declan Cusack

MunsterBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
13Simon Humberstone

Simon Humberstone

PontypriddBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
13Simon Humberstone

Simon Humberstone

PontypriddBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
13Tadhg Leader

Tadhg Leader

ConnachtBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
13David Flanagan

David Flanagan

PontypriddBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
13Michael Le Bourgeois

Michael Le Bourgeois

JerseyBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
13JJ Hanrahan

JJ Hanrahan

MunsterBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
12James McKinney

James McKinney

Rotherham TitansBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
11Tiff Eden

Tiff Eden

Worcester WarriorsBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
11James McKinney

James McKinney

UlsterBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
11Jamie Murphy

Jamie Murphy

BridgendBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
11Scott Deasy

Scott Deasy

MunsterBritish & Irish Cup 11/12
11Simon Humberstone

Simon Humberstone

PontypriddBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
11Scott Wight

Scott Wight

MelroseBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
10Laurence May

Laurence May

Cornish PiratesBritish and Irish Cup 15/16
10Aaron Penberthy

Aaron Penberthy

JerseyBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
10Juan Pablo Socino

Juan Pablo Socino

Rotherham TitansBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
10Jamie Lennard

Jamie Lennard

Doncaster KnightsBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
10Hayden Abercrombie

Hayden Abercrombie

CurrieBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
10Tristan Roberts

Tristan Roberts

Doncaster KnightsBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
10Rob Cook

Rob Cook

Cornish PiratesBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
9Kevin Sinfield

Kevin Sinfield

Yorkshire CarnegieBritish and Irish Cup 15/16
9Kieran Hallett

Kieran Hallett

Cornish PiratesBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
9Ross Byrne

Ross Byrne

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
9Joseff Griffin

Joseff Griffin

Cardiff BluesBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
9Rob Cook

Rob Cook

Cornish PiratesBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
9Cerith Rees

Cerith Rees

LlandoveryBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
9Ed Barnes

Ed Barnes

Bristol BearsBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
8Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies

Cardiff BluesBritish and Irish Cup 15/16
8Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis

ScarletsBritish and Irish Cup 15/16
8Cathal Marsh

Cathal Marsh

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
8Douglas Flockhart

Douglas Flockhart

Doncaster KnightsBritish & Irish Cup 14/15
8Will Robinson

Will Robinson

London WelshBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
8Declan Cusack

Declan Cusack

Plymouth AlbionBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
8James Love

James Love

London ScottishBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
8Niall O'Connor

Niall O'Connor

UlsterBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
7Niall O'Connor

Niall O'Connor

JerseyBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
7Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes

Yorkshire CarnegieBritish & Irish Cup 13/14
7Tristan Roberts

Tristan Roberts

Bristol BearsBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
7Steffan Jones

Steffan Jones

Cross KeysBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
7Jake Sharp

Jake Sharp

Bedford BluesBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
7Rory Lynn

Rory Lynn

NottinghamBritish & Irish Cup 12/13
7Noel Reid

Noel Reid

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 11/12
7Robert Kirby

Robert Kirby

EsherBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
7Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

MoseleyBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
7Joe Carlisle

Joe Carlisle

Worcester WarriorsBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
7Steve Shingler

Steve Shingler

ScarletsBritish & Irish Cup 10/11
7Alistair Warnock

Alistair Warnock

Doncaster KnightsBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
7Arwel Thomas

Arwel Thomas

NeathBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
7Shaun Berne

Shaun Berne

LeinsterBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
7Dan Newton

Dan Newton

ScarletsBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
7Jonathan West

Jonathan West

Rotherham TitansBritish & Irish Cup 09/10
6Sam Katz

Sam Katz

JerseyBritish and Irish Cup 16/17
6Douglas Flockhart

Douglas Flockhart

Doncaster KnightsBritish and Irish Cup 16/17