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All Statistics for Wales Women , Women 6 Nations

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    Wales Women

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    Women 6 Nations Wales Women Oldest point scorer

    Players Club Nationality DOB SD A(D)

    Catrin Edwards

    Wales WomenWales15-Sep-198008-Feb-201534(154)

    Megan York

    Wales WomenWales16-Apr-198728-Feb-201628(325)

    Elinor Snowsill

    Wales WomenWales27-Jun-198925-Feb-201828(250)

    Sioned Harries

    Wales WomenWales22-Nov-198911-Mar-201828(116)

    Dyddgu Hywel

    Wales WomenWales10-Mar-198903-Feb-201727(337)

    Kerin Lake

    Wales WomenWales24-May-199002-Feb-201827(261)

    Amy Evans

    Wales WomenWales30-Sep-199025-Feb-201827(155)

    Jenny Davies

    Wales WomenWales11-Mar-198221-Mar-200927(17)

    Elen Evans

    Wales WomenWales01-Sep-198510-Mar-201226(197)

    Amy Day

    Wales WomenWales07-Oct-198512-Feb-201226(134)

    Shona Powell-Hughes

    Wales WomenWales08-Jul-199118-Mar-201725(260)

    Laurie Harries

    Wales WomenWales24-Oct-198927-Feb-201525(132)

    Amy Lawrence

    Wales WomenWales25-Feb-199014-Feb-201524(360)

    Carys Phillips

    Wales WomenWales12-Nov-199224-Feb-201724(110)

    Robyn Wilkins

    Wales WomenWales01-Apr-199509-Feb-201923(320)

    Ffion Bowen

    Wales WomenWales28-Jan-199116-Mar-201423(53)

    Rosie Fletcher

    Wales WomenWales14-Sep-199103-Feb-201321(148)

    Adi Taviner

    Wales WomenWales20-Feb-199013-Mar-201121(26)

    Hannah Jones

    Wales WomenWales14-Nov-199614-Feb-201619(96)

    SD = Scored date ,

    DOB = Date of birth ,

    A(D) = Age(days) .

    17 years of data.